Termites and Termite Damage

Pest - Termite

Advanced continuous treatment plans

Based on the layout of your home and the degree of termite infestation, Advanced will design and customized a treatment plan tailored for your home.

Termidor Liquid Treatments

This termite solution is safe for indoor and outdoor application and can be used within building foundations. In addition to immediate protection, this treatment guards against future infestations with its long residual ingredient.

(This treatment is when termites are already active inside your home)

Advanced Bait and Monitoring System

This treatment disrupts termite molting processes, stunting their growth, and is applied to areas at most risk of attracting the pests. Advanced monitoring provides continual protection throughout your home without causing damage to your property.

How our Advanced Monitor system works:

Our pest management professionals can install a series of monitoring stations in the ground at 10 to 20-feet intervals around residences, according to manufacturer’s instructions, in order to detect termite populations. This practice follows the principles of surveillance-based targeted control. The availability of more monitoring stations increases your chances to detect the termites. Placement of the stations depends on the surrounding environment and competing food sources. The monitoring stations should be placed in areas expected to have high termite activity like near tree stumps or near areas of existing termite damage, along foundation.

This will maximize detection around your residency. Treated (bait) are inserted into the monitoring stations and checked twice a year.

If termites are found inside the monitor, the bait that was placed will allow the termites to spread the bait throughout the colony, increasing the mortality rate. Once control is accomplished, we will continue to further surveillance these monitors twice throughout the year.

If there are other areas with live termite infestations, it might require Advanced to do a conventional liquid treatment at 20% discount our regular price.

Monitoring system is to monitor termites and stopping them from coming close to your home.