"Our Companies mission is to exceed your expectations and provide peace of mind by protecting your home, health and property in an ethical, professional and timely manner."

Advanced Termite & Pest Control, Inc.'s technicians are full time, trained, certified and licensed specialists who understand termite biology and behavior and are dedicated to doing the job right.

Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your home and recommend a treatment tailored to your home's construction.Termite treatment involves applying non-repellent termiticide into the soil around the foundation and/or the weight bearing walls of your home.

Advanced Termite & Pest Control, Inc.'s use of non-repellent termiticide such as Termidor will negatively impact termites passing through the soil "Treatment Zones".

Advanced Termite & Pest Control, Inc. protects hundreds of buildings each year against termites using Termidor. Termidor is one of the most viable means of controlling termites. Termidor causes physiological changes to termites that gradually reduce the size of the colony until it collapses.

We will continually inspect accessible areas to monitor the effect of the treatment and determine if additional treatment is necessary. We also advise our clients of conditions that are conducive to termites and recommend steps to reduce the possibility of infestation.